Neon X Real | Ping Pong

03.03.2023 - 30.04.2023​

Rolf Biebl und Harald K. Schulze

Neon X Real

Neon X Real in Leipzig

Dynamic and whipping like the crack of a plastic ball on a table, the new exhibition “PING PONG” by Neon X Real symbolizes the creative exchange between the artists. Harald K. Schulze and Rolf Biebl are, first and foremost, passionate about provocation.

Formerly NEON REAL, today Neon X Real: The former trio is exhibiting together in Leipzig without Clemens Gröszer, who passed away in 2014. In 1981, the collective allied against the GDR art doctrine and decided to provoke. In their manifesto, they defiantly exclaimed “We don’t eat art fertilizer!” and at the same time invoked: “Embody your counterpart with the name NEON REAL”.

Deformed, out of place, drastic, the three artists placed people beyond idealization at the center of their attention – and shocked. Fleshiness, eroticism, bare physicality – the eye should linger on this. Against beautification and for a little more ugly truth.

In “PING PONG”, Neon X Real have also retained their bite and put people back in their imperfect, crooked frames. A loving act that can be painfully honest.

Harald K. Schulze shows in his colorful paintings outsiders of the night, whom he pulls from the margins of society into a surrealist spotlight. Rolf Biebl transforms human sculptures into carriers of emotions, which sometimes get out of balance or have already fallen out of the frame. In a psychoplastic manipulation, they oscillate between realism and expressionism and invite us to recognize ourselves. Both artists walk a tightrope between Kafkaesque tragedy and the mockery of the disappointed from behind: a bit coarse and critically rough, but with love for detail and for their figures.

Even though Clemens Gröszer is no longer physically present, he is always emotionally at the table. Together, the artists put their finger in the wound, raise their rackets to serve the ping-pong ball: Short, hard, crisp – right in the face, but with a slight wink. Because sometimes you just have to let it crack.

(By Sonja Gatterwe)

03.03.2023 – 30.04.2023​

Opening hours:
Do – Sa 14 – 18 Uhr oder nach Vereinbarung


Since the 1980s, Harald K. Schulze and Rolf Biebl have been presenting their art at an international and national level, and they are represented in many important art and cultural institutions.

Biebl has already shown his work several times in the National Gallery in Berlin and has participated in exhibitions in Mexico, France and the Netherlands.

Schulze has already exhibited in galleries in France, Denmark and Italy. In Germany, his works are represented in prestigious institutions such as the Brandenburg Ministry of Culture and the Museum der bildenden Künste in Leipzig.

Some works by both artists can also be seen as public art in Berlin, Frankfurt (Oder) and Cottbus.

230 cm


Technique: Poplar

Size: 230 cm

Year: 2011


210 cm


Technique: Bronze

Size: 210 cm

Year: 1989

Price: auf Anfrage


Nachtstadt II
160 x 85 cm

Nachtstadt II

Technique: Acrylic/canvas

Size: 160 x 85 cm

Year: 2020

Photo: Jochen Mahlke

Price: auf Anfrage


Bungy Paare
210 x 90 cm

Bungy Paare

Technique: Acrylic/canvas

Size: 210 x 90 cm

Year: 1992



Neon X Real

Pictures: Pavol Putnoki

REALES NEON - Manifest (1981)


Press the play button to play.

Speaker: Axel Thielmann

Harald K. Schulze, Clemens Gröszers (†), Rolf Biebl (f.l.t.r.)

REALES NEON – Dictation (Manifest) 1981